Char Aznable Crossing Texas Colony Print


Risograph print on French Construction, White Wash 80# Cover weight paper.

2019 marks the 40th Anniversary of a favorite multi-media franchise of ours, Mobile Suit Gundam. To celebrate we’ve gone back to art school and designed a historical etching of Char Aznable crossing Texas Colony in the style of Jacques-Louis David’s Napoleon Crossing the Alps. It’s a Risograph print in 4 colors Zeon would be proud of.

Buyer’s note: The Risograph process introduces slight variations with each print which could be in the form of areas of lighter ink coverage, or minor registration misalignment. We dig these differences, because they make each print special and we hope you do too!

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WIDTH: 17"

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A commemorative 4 color print celebrating Char Aznable and Mobile Suit Gundam.